Celebrating Our Veterans - The Characteristics of a Soldier #veteransdayartprojects
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Celebrating Our Veterans - The Characteristics of a Soldier #veteransdayartprojects

Students will learn about Veterans Day and will be able to describe the characteristics of what a soldier is. More

Photo Source: lifeinfirstgrade1.blogspot.com Check out this adorable anchor chart we found over at Life in First Grade. While Veterans Day is sneaking up fast {we'll observe the holiday this Monday, November 12th!}, if you're looking for a fun way to introduce the holiday and celebrate the men and women who protect and defend our nation, we highly suggest you include the activity in your lesson plans. Not only is the chart colorful and fun, the activity will encourage your students to think about our troops, the traits and characteristics they exhibit, and how grateful we are for their service! For the full lesson plan and tips on incorporating a Veterans Day craftivity into your lesson plans, be sure to visit Life in First Grade!  


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