Full Moon Bath Soak #fullmoonbathritual
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Full Moon Bath Soak #fullmoonbathritual

Full Moon Bath Soak | New Moon Blends

This luxurious blend of Himalayan salts, epsom salts and botanicals is made for the intention of cleansing yourself during the full moon cycle. This blend is perfect for meditation uses or for general cleansing the mind, body & soul. The addition of jasmine essential oil and rose essential oil blend is very relaxing and uplifting. This soak comes with a free crystal. Further enhance your experience by adding a palo santo bundle to it.  Directions: Add approximately 2 heaped tbsp. of salts to your bath. Let it dissolve and enjoy pure relaxation. Best used with crystals and Palo santo for the full moon bathing experience. Ingredients: Himalyan salts Epsom salts Hibiscus flowers Rose flowers Lavender Rosemary  Jasmine essential oil Rose essential oil


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